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Agave Jeans!

Agave Jeans

Once upon a time ago, I worked at an e-commerce company that specialized in premium denim…(okay that was more like 2007 or so) including Lucky Brand and Agave. I was part of the team that designed and built Agave’s brand new website, and here I am again coming full circle with them again! I am excited to review these next. Agave was nice enough to send me two pairs to choose from…the Delgada skinny in Gemstone Stretch and Manhattan stretch…and I chose Manhattan Stretch! Gemstone had a nice 4-way stretch to it similar to my DL1961s I reviewed not long ago, but were a bit more rigid. The Manhattan Stretch had a much softer, comfortable, buttery feel to them, and the blue has a beautiful broken in look to it. I’ll be wearing these for awhile to see how they mold to my body and the review will be done soon!


Citizens of Humanity!

Surprise surprise! Just got these in from CoH! I had no idea what style they were going to send me, I only knew they were coming! Part of the fun of being a denim reviewer is knowing you’ll be trying on all sorts of styles apart from your normal preferences, so I’m glad I was sent a style I am not used to!

Citizens of Humanity

I ended up getting the Hutton wide leg, in Palais Royal!

They sent me a 25, since I told them I’m a 25 in the Kelly Bootcut (I have a 26 in the Ava), so I crossed my fingers that they’d fit…and they do! They are a nice medium rise so they fit over my hips perfectly and I know they’ll stretch and mold over my body with time — the denim is such a nice, soft stretchy material! They are quite long with a 35″ inseam, but I decided I don’t want to hem them because I think the wider leg styles look better on me when I’m wearing heels.

I’m excited to do this review and see how they fit in with my wardrobe! 🙂

DL1961 Review on Denimology!

My review for DL1961 is up on Denimology! These jeans are incredible…and this shoot was my favorite, I think! The fit is perfect for curvy styles and incorporates a 4-way XFIT stretch technology that helps the jeans keep their shape without stretching out or becoming baggy…FINALLY! It also makes these jeans super soft. I advise every girl who’s tired of the common waistband gap in the back or the dreaded butt sag after just a few wears to check these out! I cannot wait to review more from this brand.

DL1961 Grace Jean in Moscow

Read the whole review here!

G-Star RAW Type-C 3D Loose Tapered Jeans

My next review for Denimology is done! It is scheduled for the 31st. Here’s a sneak preview! These really were fun jeans to style…I was worried at first since I’m not so into relaxed, cropped jeans. It’s nice to add something so different, and so versatile, to my relatively-basic wardrobe! The wash is so pretty…there’s highlights and dark indigo lowlights, and the mid hues are a beautiful vibrant blue which is said to get even more vibrant over time! I’m not usually a raw denim type of a person (I like my soft stretch!) but these have a thick but soft density to them, and I’m excited to see how it changes over time.

G-Star RAW Type-C 3D Loose Tapered Jeans

You can find these jeans for purchase here.

Update: Here is the whole review!


This morning I stepped out for my run and found a nice surprise on my doorstep…my second jeans for review: The DL1961 Grace in Moscow!

These jeans are incredible! DL1961 is known for it revolutionary 4-Way X-Fit stretch that conforms to your body shape without stretching out or sagging over time. The rise is slightly higher too so they fit over my more athletic body shape. It almost feels like I could have sized down one but I think it’s only because these are so SOFT and stretchy that it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing jeans! I can’t wait to wear these out for awhile and get my Denimology review done for the brand…I can’t thank them enough.

DL1961 Grace in Moscow

These can be purchased here.