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Time to take a short break from the usual denim obsession and highlight another catwalk staple – the statement dress! Revolve Clothing blessed my inbox this morning with a newsletter featuring a new designer that caught my eye immediately. Check out these dresses from self-portrait! I’m definitely more of a jeans and a tee shirt kind of gal, but of course I like to dress up from time to time…the problem is I’m just so damn picky when it comes to dresses. Having the creative eye that I do, I was immediately smitten by this designer, who obviously found a way to stand out in today’s highly competitive fashion world with unique cuts, textures, and color combinations which somehow, don’t clash at all. In fact, I think I could say, they “clash” beautifully. Take a look and have an eye feast…I’m still hungry!

self-portrait Illusion Flare Dressself-portrait Frill Seekers Midi Dressself-portrait Collage Cut-Out Dressself-portrait Tuxedo Wrap Dressself-portrait Assymetric Petal Dressself-portrait Sheer Light Dress



Evleo Clothing

Evleo Leggings

This weekend I DJed at a boutique re-opening party and discovered an awesome new brand from Los Angeles – Evleo! I’m not at all a leggings person unless I’m wearing a tunic, and it’s hard for me to part with my beloved jeans, but these caught my eye immediately. Since I was paid for my gig in clothing (score!), I made a beeline for these! They are a pretty olive green moto style pant with black paneling on the sides. I cannot find an exact pic of them on their site, but here I am, trying them out:

Evleo Leggings

Here is their website! This is definitely a brand I’m keeping on my radar.

That explains the moose…

History is always fascinating. The world of fashion and style holds some of the most iconic testaments of the ages, and I find it entirely amusing to watch it evolve. At one time a lot of it may have been based on specific, specialized purposes (a la waist cinching), but over time it’s become a lot more superficial, open and free as the days of girdles and corsets trail farther and farther behind us and self expression is seen as more socially acceptable. Check out this interesting article about the golden years of Abercrombie & Fitch, back when it was actually more practical and important to the growth of our culture and not limited to members of your high school varsity team competing with each other for social status.

Abercrombie & Fitch, circa 1890s

Abercrombie & Fitch, circa 1890s

Could you have guessed?

Whole article here.