Agave Jeans!

Agave Jeans

Once upon a time ago, I worked at an e-commerce company that specialized in premium denim…(okay that was more like 2007 or so) including Lucky Brand and Agave. I was part of the team that designed and built Agave’s brand new website, and here I am again coming full circle with them again! I am excited to review these next. Agave was nice enough to send me two pairs to choose from…the Delgada skinny in Gemstone Stretch and Manhattan stretch…and I chose Manhattan Stretch! Gemstone had a nice 4-way stretch to it similar to my DL1961s I reviewed not long ago, but were a bit more rigid. The Manhattan Stretch had a much softer, comfortable, buttery feel to them, and the blue has a beautiful broken in look to it. I’ll be wearing these for awhile to see how they mold to my body and the review will be done soon!


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