Month: January 2014

G-Star RAW Type-C 3D Loose Tapered Jeans

My next review for Denimology is done! It is scheduled for the 31st. Here’s a sneak preview! These really were fun jeans to style…I was worried at first since I’m not so into relaxed, cropped jeans. It’s nice to add something so different, and so versatile, to my relatively-basic wardrobe! The wash is so pretty…there’s highlights and dark indigo lowlights, and the mid hues are a beautiful vibrant blue which is said to get even more vibrant over time! I’m not usually a raw denim type of a person (I like my soft stretch!) but these have a thick but soft density to them, and I’m excited to see how it changes over time.

G-Star RAW Type-C 3D Loose Tapered Jeans

You can find these jeans for purchase here.

Update: Here is the whole review!


McGuire Jeans

It’s always exciting when a new brand comes out! Introducing McGuire jeans, which has already hit the celebrity world by storm. Word is that they are so in demand already that they are all backed up in production! I don’t yet know much about them, but I’m keeping my eyes out…can’t wait to try a pair!

McGuire Jeans

There’s a few of them that can currently be purchased here.


This morning I stepped out for my run and found a nice surprise on my doorstep…my second jeans for review: The DL1961 Grace in Moscow!

These jeans are incredible! DL1961 is known for it revolutionary 4-Way X-Fit stretch that conforms to your body shape without stretching out or sagging over time. The rise is slightly higher too so they fit over my more athletic body shape. It almost feels like I could have sized down one but I think it’s only because these are so SOFT and stretchy that it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing jeans! I can’t wait to wear these out for awhile and get my Denimology review done for the brand…I can’t thank them enough.

DL1961 Grace in Moscow

These can be purchased here.

Joe’s Jeans

I’ve been a fan of Joe’s for quite some time now…they are always so soft, stretch out to fit the body just right (as long as you size down!), and those curvy styles? Second to none!! It’s definitely a brand I’ve wanted to revisit several times, because although they are a fairly basic brand (simple details, no over-the-top pocket styles, and clean versatile washes), I’m always curious to see what they will come out with next. The Honey (curvy style) always fits me perfectly but I’m more of a skinny jeans girl…so I’m really wanting to find a good curvy skinny style from this brand that I don’t need to wear a belt with. The brand is obviously a tried-and-true one, so I know I can’t give up on them just yet!

I got a newsletter from the brand this morning which highlighted a few new vintage washes. Look at these details! So pretty! Joe’s is now moving back up near the top of my list as a brand to keep my eyes on…I want to get my hands on one of these new pairs to try them out!

Joe's Jeans Skinny in Vintage Reserve

These can be purchased Here.

That explains the moose…

History is always fascinating. The world of fashion and style holds some of the most iconic testaments of the ages, and I find it entirely amusing to watch it evolve. At one time a lot of it may have been based on specific, specialized purposes (a la waist cinching), but over time it’s become a lot more superficial, open and free as the days of girdles and corsets trail farther and farther behind us and self expression is seen as more socially acceptable. Check out this interesting article about the golden years of Abercrombie & Fitch, back when it was actually more practical and important to the growth of our culture and not limited to members of your high school varsity team competing with each other for social status.

Abercrombie & Fitch, circa 1890s

Abercrombie & Fitch, circa 1890s

Could you have guessed?

Whole article here.

3X1 Denim – Made to fit you!

Upon researching brands that are unfamiliar to me to brainstorm future reviews for Denimology, I came across 3×1 denim. This one looks truly fascinating. Each style is designed by founder Scott Morrison, who has 15 years of denim experience under his belt. The brand boasts superior quality with the world’s finest selvedge fabric, sewing construction, and materials along with the best fit down to the finest detail. Speaking of fit, if you aren’t happy with the brand’s many ready-to-wear styles, you can march down to their shop at 15 Mercer in NYC and have a pair custom made just to fit your body and match your creative tastes. This looks like a brand to keep my eyes out for!

Read more about the brand Here.

It has begun…

Over 60 pairs of jeans, a closet full of years of passionate collecting…what’s a girl to do? The idea of a fashion blog (or a blog, period) seemed fairly daunting for long enough, but the concept of finding some way to document all of my favorite outfits from my ever-growing apparel stash sounded pretty darn attractive to me. So here we go…with an opportunity to review denim for Denimology paired with years of experience designing retail collateral for (and collecting/getting to know denim from) brick and mortar boutiques, I decided to finally begin an outlet for my love of fashion and life’s experiences in general. I can be dark, I can be light, and I can be everything in between…I don’t believe in limits. We can’t expect our lives to run as perfectly and smoothly as a musical chord; how would we ever grow ourselves without a little dissonance? So is my life, and here goes….

❤ Lana